Vegetables are interesting but lack a sense of purpose when unaccompanied by a good cut of meat. ~Fran Lebowitz

So… Steak Edinburgh.

Well it was the opening night of Steak , it was literally so new you could still smell the paint. The staff were friendly and our waitress was attentive and full of information. They’ve obviously spent a good deal of time training their staff. Although one of them didnt know where the toilets were, but to be fair it was her first night and she hadn’t used them yet.

The service was a little bit slow, but it was opening night. Only one complaint about the service and that would be that our plates were cold so the food cooled quickly. It was quite pricey, so not somewhere to go once a week , but worth saving up for an occasional treat.

Anyway on to the important stuff the food.

Paul had Pork cheek and shallot terrine to start. It was very tasty but he felt it could have done with a bit more of a sauce with it.

Paul's Starter

I had potted beef shin with onion marmalade and toasted onion bread. It was lovely, really tasty and the beef shin was so tender.

My Starter

Next onto the main. We couldn’t go to Steak and not have steak. Paul had a black isle fillet steak, with a fried duck egg, mash and a Stilton hollandaise sauce. He asked for it cooked medium rare. It was probably closer to rare than medium rare but perhaps we’re being picky. The cut of meat was lovely. The sauce was fantastically good, the best sauce he’s ever had with a steak and the duck egg perfectly cooked. I forgot to take a picture of his steak because I was looking forward to eating my own!

I had an Aberdeen Angus fillet steak, with rosemary roast potatoes and a peppercorn sauce. I had it cooked medium rare. It was cooked perfectly. The knife glided easily through the meat and, as the waitress had said, it  melted in your mouth. Beautiful – a very good steak.

Next pudding… If you thought after all that meat we wouldn’t manage pudding you were wrong.

Paul had millionaires shortbread cheesecake. It wasn’t quite a cheesecake in the conventional sense, sort of a broken down cheesecake, but it was apparently sensational.

I had the creme brulee. You can’t go wrong with creme brulee. It was lovely. Crunchy on the top smooth inside – yum! It came with a lovely berry compote which complimented the brulee really well.

Wow – what a lot of food.


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