No, but blue is… good. If you ask me, there isn’t enough blue food.

Before I went on holiday I was lucky enough to have a place at this months cake ladies event. This month the theme was Towers of Terrific Traybakes. 

I do like a tray bake , they are in general quite simple to make, mostly melting and stirring. 

As always the cake ladies were so welcoming and I got to put faces to twitter avatars. 

I made my sisters fudge slices. They contain absolutely nothing that is good for you. Digestives, butter, sugar, golden syrup, chocolate and Condensed Milk. Condensed Milk -YUM- anything which has this magic ingredient is tres yummy! 

The cake ladies had outdone themselves as usual. Everything was delicious although I have to admit I did feel a bit sick afterwards so I gave all left overs to my very grateful flatmate!


I can’t wait until I go to the next cake ladies event.

Also we were all so interested in Cake that none of us noticed Colin Firth walking into Bon Papillon! Just goes to show the power of cake, hence the blog title!


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  1. ttholler says:

    Hehe, Claire was gutted to miss him. I was in Dundee and I knew about it before her (twitter) 🙂

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