“Three things are needed for a good life, good friends, good food, and good song.” Jason Zebehazy

I had an amazing day yesterday at the Foodies Festival. The sun was shining, there was lots of food and drink and I had great company. The perfect recipe for a good day out.

I was given free tickets from Lavazza UK , so I’d like to say a big thank you to them. The day itself started with a Lavazza Coffee masterclass. There we heard all about how coffee is made and about the different types of beans. Lavazza use a blend of beans from around the world. It was really interesting , did you know that the first UK coffee-house was in Oxford? I didn’t. They also let us sample some coffee with ice cream. I don’t usually go for any sort of iced coffee as I don’t like my coffee sweet but this was delicious.



We then met up with my friends and started touring the festival. There was so much to try and lots of free samples. My boyfriend had been saying for ages that he wanted to try oysters and luckily the oyster lady was there so he tried one. He loved it, he said it tasted of the sea , so he went back for more later. I was unable to build up the courage to try them.


Initially I thought we would only be there for a few hours, we were there for 6. I had such a lovely day and these Bellini’s were delish!

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  1. ttholler says:

    Hah, could have met you there too, but I skipped the masterclass. Hate coffee. I had a good day though with Janice and Claire. Thought is was a bit unorganised though. Not much info on website, then being sent back to the front gate to queue if you wanted to see a demo. Dundee Food and Flower Festival is much better.

    1. Yes it was a bit unorganised but as with anything its the company that makes it. Myself and Suzanne had a great day in the sun.

  2. ttholler says:

    Oh and lovely meeting you tonight.
    Tinned Tomatoes

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