Yeah, I am lazy. There’s no doubt about that. Usain Bolt

Whoops it has been an awful long time since my last blog. I need to start to plan things better. I won’t promise that though because it will be a promise quickly broken. For not I shall blame a new job on the fact that I haven’t blogged.

Since the last time I blogged the Fife Baking Club had it’s first meeting. It did not disappoint. There were many yummy cakes on offer , there wasn’t a specific theme, just bake your favourite cake, pie, muffin whatever you want! It was great. I was late, I’m not really a Fife resident anymore you see and had to travel after work.  The ladies were lovely a few familiar faces (including my mummy and old friend Sooz).

Here’s a selection of the cakes

Sadly when I got home I had a caketastrophie

And I didn’t get to eat my yummy leftovers.

Aside from the Fife Baking Club, I made a layered caramel cake. A new recipe from the GBBO cookbook. It was nice but literally too sweet to eat.

Tomorrow I’m off to Cammerlaws Farm for afternoon tea, it’s an Edinburgh Cake Ladies Roadtrip! You can find Cammerlaws Farm on Facebook and Twitter



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  1. I’m still jealous of that cake, whether you say it was to sweet or not!! ;p Have fun at Cammerlaws tomorrow x

    1. It was way too sweet to eat, I only had one slice and I have a sweet tooth. Hoping to try a layered raspberry and lemon cake soon!

      1. Mmmmm…….I’ll look out for the invite ;o) xx

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