French Cookery Lessons Part One

Last night was the first of my french cookery classes that I was able to go to. It was meant to start in  September but either I’ve had work or the teacher has been sick so I was very excited about getting to my first class.

We were cooking Jarret de beouf en daube (which is Beef shin in a red wine sauce, not sure that translates exactly, from my higher french I remember du vin means with wine) and creme brulee. I looooove Creme Brulee, my sister has said that I wouldn’t be able to eat it as I’m pregnant but I can because the eggs are cooked hooray!

I’m pleased to say that the dishes were easy to cook and will be made again. I had always thought creme brulee was difficult to cook but it’s not. It’s just a custard. There’s lots and lots of stirring but it was essentially easy.

Our teacher was lovely, it wasn’t a demonstration she just let us cook and came round to give us tips and help us out. Really looking forward to next week, we’re making Quiche lorraine. My boyfriend’s dad makes a lovely Quiche so I’m hoping we can make one to compare.  I have made it before but my pastry wasn’t great.  So keep an eye out for the next installment.




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