#EdinTTTTT a night with Edinburgh Bakers

Last night was the first meeting of the Edinburgh Bakers formally known as The Edinburgh Cake Ladies. The Edinburgh Cake Ladies have been around for nearly three years (i think) but felt that it was time for a name change so that there was no discrimination against men and other forms of baking.  Seems like a good idea to me.

The theme this time was traybakes I had made snowflecked brownies which is a Nigella recipe and easily found online. As always there was a great variety to choose from. I came away with a whole box of traybake which will keep me going all week. Particular favourites of mine were the rolo slice and the fifteens!


The night was held at Bon Papillon on Howe Street. We were made so welcome I would definitely recommend a visit. I’ve heard they have the best scones in Edinburgh, and my tea came in this lovely pot!


Can’t wait til the next event!


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  1. Such fun. I really want to pay a visit to your club sometime.

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