Freezer Fill by Inside Out Chef

One of the things I worried about when I was expecting Jessica was how I would find the time to   eat and cook while looking after a wee baby. I know many friends and family who lived off take away food for the first weeks. I wasn’t too keen to do that partly because…

Yummy fish and chips

A very quick blog post. Went to the shopping centre in Livingston at the weekend. Most of the places to eat are your standard chain restaurants pizza express etc… I’d recommend going to the love food cafe. It’s really good. Here’s the fish and chips I had.

Fruity Bakes – Fife Baking Club

Tonight was the Fife Baking Club and I was excited to be able to attend. I’ve missed the last few meetings due to work but this time I was able to go and Jessica came too. The theme was fruity bakes and there was loads to choose from. And Jessica dressed for the occasion