Freezer Fill by Inside Out Chef

One of the things I worried about when I was expecting Jessica was how I would find the time to   eat and cook while looking after a wee baby. I know many friends and family who lived off take away food for the first weeks. I wasn’t too keen to do that partly because of the expense and partly because my boyfriend only eats one or two dishes from the takeaway so he would be eating the same things. So as well as making extra when I cooked meals I bought a freezer fill from Inside Out Chef . 7 main meals, 7 soups and 7 baked goods all prepared and ready to go straight into the freezer. 

The food is lovely and it has meant on those days where Jessica has been unsettled I have been able to defrost a meal and pop it straight into the over. No hassle and good food. Definitely worth checking out! Sorry for lack of pictures but eating with a baby means eating quickly no time to stop and take pictures!!


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