Review – Chop Chop in Leith Edinburgh

As new parents we probably don’t go out for dinner as much as we once did. So when the opportunity to go and try out Chop Chop in Leith, and take the wee one with us, came along we jumped at the chance.

I’ve only heard good things about Chop Chop and was intrigued to see if all the fuss was warranted.

Following the success of their restaurant at Haymarket the Leith restaurant was opened in 2010.  Both restaurants received AA Rosettes in 2011, 2012 and again in 2013. We were there on a lovely sunny evening and the restaurant was really light and airy. (My pictures don’t do it justice, not sure why they are so dark)

IMAG2166 IMAG2167

Chop Chop is a bit different to other Chinese restaurants that I have been to. It serves authentic North-Eastern Chinese food, with no preservatives or additives.  I have to say I didn’t recognise any of the dishes on the menu, which was great as it was all new to us. As the food is all freshly made it’s served as and when it’s ready. Which means your dumplings might come in the middle of your meal, but this allows you to taste different textures and try different combinations.

We went for:

Chicken Jiao Zi (boiled dumplings) which are small parcels of minced chicken spiced with sesame oil, ginger and Soya sauce wrapped in a wheat flour pastry case.  I’ve never had dumplings before. These were similar in texture to pasta. The filling was light and fragrant.


Lamb with cumin seed this was delicious and the lamb was so tender and delicately spiced.


Crispy Northern Chicken which was battered chicken breast strips in a soy, vinegar and sugar dressing. Kind of similar to a sweet and sour chicken dish, the batter was light and crisp. The sauce very tasty and I’m sure there was ginger in there somewhere.


To accompany this we had plain noodles and boiled rice.

Jess was brought some mini pork and coriander dumplings which were just hand sized (for Jess) and that was really nice.

IMG_20140728_074532 IMAG2173 IMG_20140728_074401

Jess enjoyed trying everything, she particularly liked the noodles and throwing rice on the floor.

I would definitely go back to Chop Chop, the staff were friendly and the service was quick. The food was fresh, hot and tasty. I’ll be recommending it to anyone who fancies a Chinese in Edinburgh (or nearby). Check out their website here 

  • Disclaimer , I was given a complimentary meal at Chop Chop but the review is my own.

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