Aye Love Real Food , Scotch Eggs

Ages and ages ago I tried one of Aye Love Real Food’s Black Pudding Scotch Egg’s and I meant to write a review and I forgot. How long does baby brain last for?

Anyway they have a stall at the Locomotive Market in Edinburgh Waverley Station on a Friday where they sell their very yummy Scotch Eggs. I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of Scotch Eggs they are always a bit dry if you ask me but I had seen a fellow foodie tweet about how great they were so I just had to try them. For impartiality I asked my boyfriend and dad (Scotch Egg Fans) to try it as well. I opted for the black pudding egg just for something different. We all agreed that it was amazing, and massive! The black pudding just gave it something a wee bit different. It was not the dried out scotch egg that you usually get on a buffet table.

Well worth checking them out and head along to the market at Waverley its fab!

IMG_0079[1] IMG_0080[1] IMG_0081[1]IMG_0078[1]


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