Apricot Dunfermline – Review Review

Wow is simply the first thing I would say about Apricot. This is an Indian restaurant with a difference. Fine dining meets Indian food and a welcome addition to Dunfermline.

Situated on Carnegie Drive this restaurant is in what used to be Nobles Chinese. Its been through a few transitions and you could be forgiven for thinking that it had just been a name change  but new management, new chefs and a new menu have all been firmly in place since late last year.

Anyway onto the important stuff the food. IMG_20150304_195054

This slightly blurry photo is of MoMo delicious steamed dumplings filled with minced chicken, spring onions and spices. I’ve never had dumplings at an Indian restaurant before but these were delicious. IMG_20150304_195150 (2)

The Kesri Malai Tikka was described by my boyfriend as the best dish he’s ever eaten. Which is pretty high praise. The chicken was perfectly cooked and deliciously tender.
 For our main courses we had Chicken Korma and a Chicken Tikka Chasni  and they were beautiful.

Apricot was so good we went back a week later with all the family and Paul and I ordered the exact same things.

The staff were fantastic, friendly and helpful. They entertained Jess and didn’t mind her making a mess.

I simply can not recommend it enough.


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