Review – Peppermill Bothy

I’ve seen a few posts on various parent pages on Facebook looking for recommendations of places that are good to go with kids for lunch and Peppermill Bothy out by Blairhall is a perfect spot.

Eating out with kids is not the easiest thing. Firstly you have the ticking time bomb of how long will they sit still for an eat. Will other people in the restaurant give me the side eye if they start being a bit noisy or want to run around? Also will they actually eat anything on the menu. It can be a bit stressful and a struggle at times trying to balance all of these things. It’s great when you find somewhere that has good food, makes you feel welcome (even if the kids are noisy) and you can relax and enjoy your own food without having to wolf it down before the toddler kicks off.

A friend of mine has been raving on about Peppermill Bothy for ages but I haven’t had the chance to make it along until recently (thank you maternity leave). I’ve now been three times in the last two weeks because I loved it so much. As soon as you walk in you can’t fail to notice the warm and friendly atmosphere, everyone that comes in is greeted with a big hello. It’s so cosy and welcoming you almost feel like you’ve popped to a friends for lunch.

We initially just popped in for a coffee but the smell of bacon rolls hit us as we walked in and it would have been rude not too try one.

The kids menu stands out for me because it’s simple, affordable and most kids will eat toast or yogurt!

Bothy Bairns

You also have the option to order a smaller plate off the main menu.

The other great thing about the Bothy is that there is a children s play corner. It has a doll’s house, cars, dinosaurs and loads more toys as well as a small table and chairs that the little ones can sit and draw or colour at. Perfect for when they’ve decided that they can’t sit still anymore.

My mum and I took Jess along  last week and she loved it. Her milk came in a mini milk bottle with a straw, it’s always the little things that delight kids, and she was delighted to get nutella on toast as a treat.She spent most of her time in the play corner and my mum and I got to relax and enjoy our coffees.

Jess and I will definitely be back, not only because I still need to try some of the amazing cakes and milkshakes on offer, but also because it was so friendly and affordable.  I of course forgot to take any pictures so Peppermill Bothy have kindly said I can use some of there’s to show the types of things they have on offer.

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