GU Mousse Fusions- Review

I’m going to be honest from the get go here, I love chocolate mousse. Every chocolate mousse, even the really really cheap supermarket home brands.

I remember being on holiday in the Algarve when I was about 11 , and I’m  sure that I had chocolate mousse  every single night for dessert.

There’s something very comforting about a chocolate mousse and if you can find a nice dark rich mousse there’s nothing better. GU (the people that make the yummy cheesecakes and melty chocolate puddings ) have recently launched their gourmet mousse fusions.  They come in 3 flavours: mango with a mango and passion fruit coulis,  strawberry with a tangy strawberry compote, and finally chocolate and toffee with a silky chocolate cream. I’m not a huge fan of mango so I have the strawberry and chocolate ones a go.

The packaging is really cute. They all say things like “eat me” on the top. At the time when I bought them they cost £1 a pack in Tesco, each pack contains two Mousses so that’s pretty good value.

The Gu Mousse Fusions were lovely. The strawberry mousse was light and creamy and the compote on top gave a nice sharp hit. I think this stopped the mousse from being overly rich.

The chocolate and toffee was gorgeous,  I could have eaten about ten. I particularly liked the chocolate cream on top which made it really dark and indulgent.

I would definitely buy them again. The size means they’d be perfect for taking to work for when you need that sugar hit mid afternoon.

*** I was given a voucher for GU puds to cover the costs but my review is my honest opinion.

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