Adventures in (Baby Led) Weaning

When Jess was wee I went back to work not long after she turned 6 months and her Dad did most of the weaning. They mostly followed traditional weaning so purees with a few finger foods. With me staying at home longer this time I’m trying Baby Led Weaning. The idea is that the babies eat pretty much what you do  (except no whole nuts or honey and a few other bits and pieces) and they feed themselves, so no “here comes the aeroplane”. It’s a bit daunting as they tend to gag a bit as they learn to chew and swallow. And oh my god it’s messy,  have you ever eaten weetabix with your hands?


We are just at the start of our weaning journey and haven’t tried anything too adventurous yet so if you have any great recipes then send them over.

Aside from the mess it’s lovely seeing her wee face as she tries new foods.


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