Eat Real Snacks – Review

IMG_20171003_173004_832Since my youngest came along I’ve had very little sleep (sorry instagram followers I know I moan about it alot). This has led to alot snacking. So the idea of a healthier snack, that gives me that burst of energy, but with less guilt and less fat, is exactly what I need.


Eat real snacks have launched a range of gealthy snacks but I’m not going to lie the words “vegan friendly” and “gluten free” ( sorry vegans) did make me worried that they might be a bit low on flavour or just not have that proper “crisp like” (technical term) texture. I was however pleasantly surprised, they are more like a potato chip, than a crisp. I probably wouldnt use them in a crisp sandwich but they were definitely moreish.  Even my vegetable hating other half liked them as did my four year old. And a break from crisps that smell of quavers is always welcome.


The crisps are available is a range of flavours such as sea salt, garlic and sundried tomato, sour cream and chive and chilli and lemon. They are also a bit different in thst they are hummus crisps, lentil crisps or quinoa crisps (so now I can say I’ve tried quinoa).

They are available at more shops, including the teeny co-op by my house. Definitely worth a try.



*** I was sent some samples to try but all the words ( and typos ) are mine

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