Scampers Soft Play – Food Review

Since having my two children you are far more likely to find me in a soft play than a fancy restarestaurant. Anything that allows me 5 minutes to drink my coffee, while it’s hot  is a luxury.


Once you are in these places are like casinos,  no day light and you can’t go out to get food or bring your own in. So how does the food at soft play rate?

Scampers has a really large kids menu. It includes the staples: chicken nuggets and fish fingers but also has a kids pick and mix. What I like about the pick and mix is you can choose things like cucumber as one of your items. I’m not sure why but my daughter loves cucumber 😂.  20171024_101821.jpg


Price wise there’s a good range of options from £1.50 for a sandwich to £4 for a pizza and chips which is pretty reasonable. They also have a wide range of kids snacks including fruit for 50p or my daughter’s favourite 3 party rings for 50p.

The adults menu is fairly varied from pizza to panini. I’d definitely recommend the chilli nachos. It is slightly more expensive, I guess, but probably standard for the market.

They also have a huge range of cakes and lots of caffeine to get you through.


As well as all of the above they do breakfast rolls before 11:30, you can’t really go wrong with a roll and sausage.

You’ll definitely not starve at scampers 😊 .

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